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Kopfbereich der Circle Webseite


In the following, we hereby present a summary of our company's history dar.

1998 Foundation of CIRCLE Engineering Solutions GmbH by Andreas Legner and  Heiko
1999 Expanded services to Rapid Prototyping
2002 Moved into our new building
2003 Extends product range to include tooling and low-volume production
2004 Since January 2004, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 2000
2005 CATIA V5 available at all stations now
2007 Expanded production in own premises
2009 Production to Limburg / Offheim relocated and expanded
2009 Machine park with a 5-axis CNC milling machine and
established a 6 axis CNC lathe aufgestockt.CAD / CAM Hypermill
2009 Set up its own Qquality management with 3D measuring machine in LM / Offheim
2010 Design and development of CAD system extension by Solid Works
2013 Extended to machinery lathe and grinding tube
2013 CATIA V6 available at all stations now


Circle GmbH

Buderusstr. 12
35789 Weilmünster

Tel.: +49 6472-83350-0
Mail: info@circle-gmbh.de




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